A Walk in The Park

"The Park" is an amusement park with different attractions — thrill rides, rides for everyone, kiddie rides, shows & entertainment and more. This visualization shows the visitor's activity at those different attractions during one fateful weekend in June. To the shock of everyone, a terrible crime happened on Sunday morning in Creighton Pavilion. Can we see it? What happened in the park afterwards?

Number of Visitors

Total number of visitors, and visitors at per 10 min interval. Brush to select time window for other plots.

Visitor Location

Heatmap shows number of unique visitors. Circles indicate attractions.

Visitor flow to and from between ... and

Circles show other attractions. Heatmap in center shows total number of check-ins (top) and check-outs (bottom) by 60 min interval. (Tip: Resolution increases when smaller window is selected.) Attractions are sorted by walking distance from the selected loation. Click other attractions to change focus. Hover attractions or time bins to filter connections.